Cannon Library Services

Services available at Cannon Library Include:

 Wi-Fi Hotspot

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the library.

Express Request

If you don't have time to pull the materials you need off of the shelves, the library staff will gladly pull them for you and have them at the front desk, ready for check out when you come to pick them up.  Place the materials on hold in the library catalog and they will be ready for pick up in 24 hours.  If you need the materials in less than 24 hours please call 575-784-2786 to place your request with a staff member.

Interlibrary Loan

Materials are borrowed from other libraries on behalf of Cannon Library customers.  A limit of three items may be borrowed at any one time.  Text books, local library materials and items available at local video rental stores will not be requested.

Print / Copy / Scan to E-mail 

Printing -  $.25 per page for color and $.10 per page for black

Copies - $.25 per page for color and $.10 per page for black

Study and Multipurpose Rooms

Rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. If a reservation is desired, please contact a staff member at least one business day prior to the event. Study Room reservations are available for a maximum of 2 hours. Updated reservations are listed below:

Makerbot 3D Printer - must be 15+ and attend the training class prior to first use. Please email to set up a 3D printer class.

Commercial and NIPR computers with internet access, Adobe, and Microsoft Office products.


Martin Yale 2051 Automatic Paper Folding Machine 

Laminating Machine